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Best water ever - the taste is great!!! I was not aware of all the benefits of alkalinity in my water and how it can help my body to really absorb the minerals my old water was not giving me! Couldn’t be happier!!! - Bobby Rodriguez, Roseville, CA

"I love my Water Perfect system!"

About Clarity Water Perfect

Under the sink – out of the way – for home or office all year long!

Who are we? – Well, we’re just like you and your family. We care about each other, we care about our team, and we’re totally focused on living the healthiest lifestyle possible. What better place to start on a healthy life than on something that makes up 70% of the human body… WATER.

If you’ve shopped around at all, then you already know that there are 100+ water filters out there on the market today and it can get confusing very quickly. But not here – not with Water Perfect…that’s not how we operate.

High-Quality and Simplicity:  Our under the sink alkaline water filtration system ROCKS!  We give you all of the benefits of good, clear, great tasting water (at an affordable price) – and we help you tuck it away neatly under your sink to avoid cluttering up your countertop.

Also, we give you the opportunity to get your Alkaline water for FREE.  It’s true, we said above that we “take care of our team.” Well, when you subscribe to Clarity Water Perfect ($25 a month) you become part of our team.  …And, if you tell more people (family, friends, neighbors, co-workers) about your great tasting water – you can actually get your water filtration for free when they become a subscriber!

No other water filtration company does that for you, and that is just one more way that we set ourselves apart – and ahead of the pack. Join Clarity Water Perfect’s team today and get started on a healthier lifestyle!

The Water Perfect system is life-changing – call for more information and a free installation estimate today: Click to call toll-free: 1 (866) 740-4533

Why You Need Alkaline Water

Easy Under Sink Installation



Cheaper than bottled water over time.



Your body craves true alkaline water.

Low Cost?


1/8th the cost of inferior water filters.

For Home?


Installs under the sink - out of sight!



Installs neatly under your sink.



No one beats our Alkaline Water.

Get Clarity Water Perfect Today!

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews
Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews