Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

Alkaline Water and Your Health


Avoid Oxidation and Lead a Healthier Life…

The consumption of 2 liters of alkaline water daily improves the body’s biochemical exchange, increasing the level of usable energy to burn fat…

Warning: The information in this section is not intended as a substitute for a doctor’s advice. The data has been rigorously collected from scientific studies and research from very prestigious hospitals in Japan and South Korea. Always consult your trusted doctor for any health problems.


Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews


Alkalinity and Obesity

A better metabolism helps a body maintain an ideal weight…

When we don’t have proper eating habits, when our diet is based on fast food or poor quality food, lots of meat, fat, sugar, bakery products, few vegetables and little fruit, we will feel the same way.

Other negative contributors are sugary drinks, soft drinks, alcohol, and no exercise. We can’t burn all the calories we eat so we tend to gain weight and our body begins to acidify.

Wastes and toxins resulting from digestion of this poor quality food can be overwhelming. The amount of oxidizing free radicals generated is up to 5 times higher than with a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables. The body is under stress, and will not be able to remove them quickly.


Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews


Fatty acids and toxins acidify our blood quickly.

Our turbid, acidic and thick blood circulates slower. The supply of oxygen and nutrients to all our cells becomes inefficient. Our metabolism slows dramatically; the nutrients that we don’t use begin to solidify, forming fatty acids and these accumulate in our fatty tissues. The result is a high percentage of body fat.

Mineral Alkaline water corrects the blood pH and restores blood’s fluidity. Waste and toxins will be eliminated efficiently through urine, feces and sweat.

The body regains vitality with efficient oxygen delivery to its cells, thus optimizing metabolism to burn fats quickly. This way they do not accumulate in fatty tissues forming fatty, hypertrophying deposits.

The consumption of 2 liters of water is essential for blood to maintain its proper viscosity.

Alkaline water improves the biochemical exchange, increasing the level of usable energy from burning fat better.

With a healthy diet, alkaline water can assist in weight loss without the risk of regaining.


Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews


Correct pH and Fluid Retention

Correct pH prevents water accumulation in cells…

A poor diet with insufficient water intake saturates our blood with acid, wastes and toxins. Our blood becomes acidic and thicker, its circulation becomes much slower, and it fosters the inefficient contribution of oxygen. Our body is not able to remove harmful substances due to lack of moisture, and a dangerous imbalance is created: acidification.

Our cells, seeking to maintain the proper functioning of the body, begin to retain water in their membranes to preserve their natural pH (slightly alkaline). In so doing, the symptoms of edema may appear, such as swollen legs or ankles.


Acidic Blood – Free Radicals and Hypertension

Many diseases arise from an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle with a poor diet, insufficient intake of quality water, daily stress, lack of rest, a polluted environment and vices such as cigarettes or alcohol.

When acid wastes, residues and toxins generated by our body are not removed effectively, our blood becomes acidic. Acidic waste is mixed with other substances such as magnesium or calcium to form greater waste and remain attached to our arteries and our capillaries. Gradually these deposits build up until the circulatory system clogs up.

Under acidic conditions, the membrane of red blood cells becomes more rigid and less permeable. Free radicals are generated due to acidosis that attack the blood vessels, making them more rigid as well. The heart has to work much harder for a normal blood flow. Blood pressure rises hopelessly and hypertension appears.

Alkaline mineral water helps to restore the blood’s alkaline pH, enhances its ability to dissolve acid wastes and assists to remove them quickly before they accumulate. Healthy blood through an alkaline pH, accompanied by a healthy diet and moderate physical exercises adapted to everyone’s level, is the best way to prevent hypertension.


Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews


Acidic Blood – Calcium – and Osteoporosis

When blood becomes acidic due to a bad diet with insufficient intake of quality water, the body reacts by releasing calcium from our bones and our teeth in the form of calcium ions (Ca2 +). This is the body’s attempt to preserve the slightly alkaline pH of our blood for being able to transport oxygen and avoid acidosis.

This is the main cause of osteoporosis. Calcium supplements can’t solve the problem because the calcium intake is trapped by metabolic acid residues before they reach our bones or teeth. They become solid substances that can cause additional negative conditions such as kidney stones.

In many cases people, including children, because of an acidic state, can’t absorb calcium in their bone and teeth structure, but have kidney stones anyway that are also forms by calcium.

The only way to correct acidosis is through a proper recovery of the blood’s pH.