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"Its a simple system. Plus, you get amazing clean fresh mineral based alkaline water. I especially like that they give back to third world countries by providing free water systems to these places; makes me feel good about purchasing this system." - Jeremy Panico, Sacramento, CA

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Why Choose Water Perfect?

Easy Under Sink Installation

Drink Water Perfect and Save Money

It’s true; drinking the wrong water can be very costly. You’ve seen it before, your local movie theater will charge you $6 or $7 for a one-liter bottle of water. “Buying water” takes your time, energy, and again – more money. Just the same, the online market is full of inferior counter-top water filtration systems can cost you up to $4,000 – and then you still have to pay for filters.

Finally, drinking unfiltered or poorly filtered water of any kind can lead to long term health problems – which again…will cost you more money to have examined or  treated. …So, join the Clarity Water Perfect team today, start saving money, give your body what it really needs, and keep your family’s (or your employees) health in top condition.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

The Absolute Best Alkaline Water

You will enjoy the benefits of the world’s most advanced water purification and alkalization technology. Provides the most advanced water purification technology. A semipermeable membrane with 0.01 micron pores achieves a certified 100% bacterial reduction for 3000 gallons.

We enhance your water with a selection of minerals for a superb taste with all the benefits that alkaline water can provide. Alkaline, Antioxidant Ultra-Pure Water at home for a fraction of the cost of bottled water.

Clarity Water Perfect covers your needs for purified water and avoids thousands of plastic bottles in our landfills.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

No Mess – Under the sink filtration!

Don’t you have enough things to clutter up your kitchen counter? Yes, we totally agree and we’ve done something about it here at Clarity Water Perfect!

We believe that good, clean, pure, and healthy alkaline water should be a part of your every day life but we don’t think you should have a 2 gallon jug on your counter-top to go with it.

That’s why we’ve carefully designed our leading alkaline water filtration system to fit snugly and seamlessly under your sink and out of sight. Our customers love the sleek design, the easy changing of filters, and – of course – the concept of less clutter in their kitchens.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

Your Body Craves Alkaline Water

Enjoy the best water quality, exceptional taste, and all the advantages of alkaline antioxidant water. We’ve insured you will have all of the necessary minerals needed for optimal body functioning.

Increase blood and cell oxygenation for more energy and vitality. Neutralize free radicals – defy the aging process. Keep your body in an alkaline state for increased defense against disease.

Enrich your body with natural antioxidants in a simple, delicious and refreshing way. Forget the bulky bottles and their acidic pH. Help the environment by avoiding the use of plastic bottles which end up in our landfills.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

You use water in everything…

It’s true! It’s part of our human nature that we need a steady supply of water each and every day. We use water when cooking, making coffee, a cup of tea, in our favorite recipes, and especially when exercising. Take control over your water today!

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

Water Perfect: Protect your family.

Sorry, but you can get in a lot of trouble by trusting your “elected officials” to keep your city water clean. Teach your children at a young age to give their body the best nutrients, healthy habits, plenty of exercise, a balanced diet, and clean alkaline water.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews

Kick the acidity and the bottles…

You already know that you can’t trust what goes inside of bottled water. You can’t see the plant where it is bottled and you don’t know the true source of the water or how it was processed. Just say “NO” to acidic bottled water and the pollution it causes.

Benefits Best Alkaline Water Filter System Reviews